Samba - cannot login

While developing PHP/mySQL I thought it good be a great idea to share my dev dir instead of using FTP. I havnt used Samba before but I started the Samba service and shared /srv/www. I can find the dir on my Windows workstation and I can login as root. BUT when I tried to connect with my regular user I got rejected. I cant understand why. Does Samba use the linux users or should I create a user for Samba?

Thanks for help!

lucky me, i don’t have to play with Windows[tm] so i don’t know the
answer to your Q…but, this site has lots of info on Samba as it
relates to openSUSE…dig around a little in the upper left hand
section of named “SAMBA:


Look in the first one for the heading: Permission to Access Suse/openSUSE Default Shares
And the folder www is owned by root:root, so if you log in over the neywork as e.g. tommy, then you’ll be rejected. So you also need to chown the directory www over to user tommy. Chown is on this link.

In fact, for directory www you might restructure the [stanza] for the share in smb.conf to match one of these Secure Read-write Shares. Have a look at #8 in the templates.