Samba and SolidWorks temporary files

I am trying to set up a samba server that works perfectly with SolidWorks. Currently everything seems to work fine, except for the fact that SolidWorks can’t seem to delete the temporary files it creates when opening CAD files. This then causes SolidWorks to hang for 10-15 min when the user tells it to close. SolidWorks eventually gives up and just leaves the temporary files in the directory. These temp files then cannot be deleted by anyone until the samba server is restarted.

I can provide my samba config file if that would help at all.

Thanks a lot!

Please post smb.conf.
It would be useful to see also the ownerships and permissions on the shared folder and on the items in the shared folder; e.g. if “share” is the shared folder and if it’s located at /path_to/share, post results of this listing:

 ls -l /path_to/share

and also of this listing:

ls -l /path_to | grep share

Consider how large your Solidworks files are, and the implications to your server and network.

I would not recommend placing project files on a network share unless I was running at least Gigabit (Fast Ethernet is very insufficient).