Samba: accessing an openSUSE server from a windows client

Thanks, I got a lot further with this description! Unfortunately, I’m not there yet.
I have it working with SuSE 9.3 and I also remember some difficulties getting it to work, but I don’t remember the solution.
Here is my problem: When I type \Linux1 in the address field of WE, I see groups, netlogon, profiles, users, and “Printers and Faxes”. When I click on one of those, I’m asked for a user name and password. When I supply those, I’m told that \Linux1\users is not accessible.
When I run SuSE 9.3 instead, I see ‘stephan’ in addition to the things listed above and can access all files in /home/stephan by double-clicking on ‘stephan’.
I compared the setup of 9.3 and 11.1 in yast and couldn’t find any difference.

Before I changed the samba-server file as you described, I was told that \Linux1 is not accessible.

Any hints appreciated.
Thanks, Stephan

I found out what I had done two years ago to get Samba working: I added user ‘stephan’ using “smbpasswd -a stephan” as root. I just did this again… and now nothing is working. It’s not the only change I made, but I’m pretty sure I undid everything else. I also rebooted, both my Linux machine (Linux1) and my laptop. I can’t even get to \Linux1 anymore. My laptop doesn’t even find it.
To summarize the history of my problems:

  1. My Windows laptop finds \Linux1 when I search for computers, but I don’t have access to it. This is before I fixed the samba-server file.
  2. I fixed the samba-server file. Now my Windows laptop finds \Linux1 and displays “users”, “profiles”, etc in Windows Explorer. When I double-click one of those, I get a login dialog. I can’t log in.
  3. I make some changes that seem to have no effect whatsoever. I think I undid all of them. I add ‘stephan’ as Samba user using smbpasswd. Now my laptop doesn’t even find Linux1.

Any hints on how to debug this?

Thanks, Stephan

HI stephanhh. I moved your post from the sticky Firewall thread because I don’t think it’s a firewall issue related to the bug describd there.

FWIW: You can’t configure SuSEfirewall2 in 11.1 by looking into the config for 9.3.

Your problem seems to me to be more about Samba credentials to access shares on a Samba server than firewalls. To test that, turn the firewall off temporarily in Yast → security and users → Firewall → stop Firewall now.

Make sure you have added stephan to the Samba user database.

Then try the access again to the share called stephan and tell me what happens. If you can’t get in with stephan’s credentials from windows then it is as you suspected, probably a firewall issue. In that case I should have left the post where it was. But let’s not get lost here – try that first and let me know.

Getting a bit confused here – got home last night at 2 a.m. after a New Y Eve party – wooooo hooooooooo!


you are right, it’s not a Firewall issue, I disabled it and the effect is the same.
The odd thing is that the changes to the samba-server file got me a little bit further, but after I did what I hoped was the final thing - adding ‘stephan’ as Samba user - nothing worked.
I had switched off the “Retrieve WINS server via DHCP” but switched it back on and even rebooted, to no avail.
I also started the Apache demon, but I don’t see how this can affect Samba.

I guess it’s not meant to happen this year. :wink:


Well we should be able to sort it by comparing the two files smb.conf from 9.3 (which works for you) and 11.1 (which doesn’t). Can you post them here?


It works now!
I made two changes, not sure yet which one did it.
I have two computers running Linux, both configured as Samba servers. I unplugged the other one, even though having two servers never caused a problem in the past.
The other change was to enable “Use WINS for hostname resolution”.
Actually, there was a third change: I stopped ZoneAlarm on my laptop.
I’ll figure out next year of the changes did it.

Thanks for your help and happy new year!


Good for you. enjoy!

I just want to clarify my previous posting.
The changes I described there seem unrelated
to the solution of the problem. I had two problems:

  1. My firewall was blocking Samba.
    (resolved by changing a samba-server file as described in another thread)
  2. I forgot to add a Samba user
    (done with smbpasswd -a <username>)

I undid everything else I did after I resolved
these two issues and it still works. I have no clue why it didn’t work right away after these two changes.

Sometimes it takes a time for changes to seep around a network.