Salutations fellow Linux Users

I am new to Linux, i am using suse 11.2 and i was wondering if anyone in the upstate ny area lived near the Cortland, homer region, it is about 30 miles below Syracuse and about 30 miles above Binghamton, could help me out and show me how to use it better, i have figured out the basics but would like to learn more.

if so im me at

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  2. same.

I would like to welcome you to openSUSE and its forum. But alas, I live in Texas and not the NY area, but you can surely ask any questions about openSUSE that you might have here. I wish good luck in finding a local Linux user.

Thank You,

I am not close either, but there is a plethera of information in these forums, and plenty of folks who are more than happy to answer any questions you might have.


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You can get 98% of your problems solved here. Good luck & welcome to openSUSE.

Sorry, I removed the e-mail addresses. We think that even the way you wrote hem might not be enough to hide them from bots.

Please use PM for personal messages lol!