Safe uninstall?

I installed openSUSE 11.0 64bit DVD to a laptop with a bad screen (so I had to use an attached LCD). I kept a Windows partition. The desktop seemed to exceed the external monitor’s size (while still showing up as a lower resolution), and though my attempts at finding a solution I’ve messed it up where all I see is a black desktop with a white-ish square for a mouse and nothing else on the screen. Reinstalling didn’t seem to help (though maybe I have to be more careful to make sure the installer really deletes everything from the previous install???).

Now I’m considering installing openSUSE 11.0 32 bit KDE 4 CD to a desktop. The workings of this desktop is very important since it is the main family computer. Firstly, will the partitioning let me save Windows from the CD install, like it did from the DVD install? Secondly, should I not expect the screen issues for the desktop, since maybe using an external monitor on a laptop was the source of the problems?

My main question, now, is will I be able to safely (safe to Windows, that is) undo my installation of openSUSE 11? Is there a way to uninstall openSUSE from the laptop even though I can’t get into a working GUI for openSUSE (maybe use another linux disk??)? In case anything goes wrong with the desktop install, will I be able to uninstall it, removing the grub menu along with it and restoring partitions?

BTW: If anyone can provide some links of changing the grub menu default boot order or switching between making the Microsoft boot loader default or making grub default, I’d appreciate it.

You can delete this suse partition from Windows.
About boot loader problem, please use windows 98 disc enter into dos mode and follow this command.

fdisk /mbr

Thank you. I’d also greatly appreciate a little bit more detailed answers, like how does one delete a partition in XP, or how does one use a Windows 98 disk (which I don’t have) and enter a dos code to result in boot loader control?

First, its a good idea to take a backup of your personal files.

Then insert your windows xp install cd and shutdown your computer.

When you switch it on again, it will boot from the cd, and go into the recovery console; it will ask for the admin password.

Then in the DOS prompt type “fixmbr”.

After you’ve fixed the MBR, shutdown your system and switch it on again. It should boot into win xp.

You can then go over to the control panel, and in Disk Management delete the linux partitions and create new NTFS partitions. You may restart your system finally.

Thank you for the clear answer! If it works, I’ll be sure to thank you again. :slight_smile:

That worked, thanks!

Now if I were to install Linux, how would I edit the nt bootloader to give me both windows and linux options?

Thats a long story !

Usually we allow Opensuse to install GRUB to the MBR so that GRUB takes care of the dual booting.

If you really dont want anybody touching your MBR, then you will have to install GRUB to the linux boot partition, and use grub4dos to boot opensuse.

Changes are made to the boot.ini file to direct ntldr to grldr.

Its a delicate process, but quite an easy one.

See here:
[SOLVED] Booting into an installed opensuse 11 system with grub4dos - Boot Land](

Google for grub4dos.

Take care you dont make mistakes.


forgot to mention something:

grub4dos requires that the inode size of the linux partitions be 128, so while installing opensuse, click edit partitions and change the inode size to 128 in the options.

make sure you go through the grub4dos manual thoroughly.

Hi, I’ve tryed with the fixmbr command, but when I boot the computer, GRUB still apears. Any idea to solve this?? Thanks

hi dope, see this thread:
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