Safe to Run Wvdial as Super User?

I recently started running wvdial to connect, since Kinternet keeps crashing and not saving my settings (anyone else have this problem?).

QUESTION: Is it safe to run wvdial as super user? What I am doing is going to the terminal and typing “su” entering my root password and then entering “wvdial” to connect over my cellular broadband card.

I really don’t see any other way to run wvdial, since it won’t run for a regular user account.

It should be, as that is a well-known program for dial up connections that has been around for a while. Technically, you are going to need to be root (or su) to configure any of your network interfaces–some of the more integrated apps (like KInternet or NetworkManager) just might be configured to do it without bothering you.