Sad news for YUM group and Red Hat....

I have lived in the Raleigh Durham area in the past and I can attest that it is not so safe for bike riding. With that, it doesn’t help if illegal drivers with a revoked license are driving around… The lead developer for YUM has been killed in a hit and run accident in Durham.

See here: Bicyclist killed in Durham hit-and-run ::

Sad news indeed…


I would never ride a bicycle at night and that too on a highway. This guy would be practically invisible on the poorly lit roads.

I often risked my life as a bicycle rider and that sad news really touches me.

Before I was diagnosed with diabetes I was quite the avid rider. I rode all the busy roads. I would often play leap frog with the buses. It is quite dangerous for riders. Whether you ride a bicycle or a motorcycle, your just no match for a car. It’s up to the rider to make sure he’s safe. Cars always tend to be oblivious of riders. They often don’t see us. It’s one thing to not see us, have an accident and own up to it. It’s quite another to not see us, have an accident and run like a coward.

Seth Vidal is not responsible for what happened to him; the car driver is. The question now is whether others will pick up the baton.

My condolences to Seth’s family. His contributions to FOSS will be greatly remembered.

I did that once (long ,long time ago) and almost got killed.

Appreciation here:
In Memoriam of Seth Vidal |

The wife and I used to cycle about 3000 miles a year, all year round, night and day. We stopped in 1999 after retiring because even in rural England, roads get busy and we felt we had used up our fair share of luck.

Such a shame about Seth Vidal. Our condolences to his friends, family and workmates. RIP