s2ram on 11.1 with KDE4

Hi all,
I’m completely struggled now with this hibernate/suspend stuff on a new 11.1 installation. So what I understood so far is:

  • pm-utils is the new power management. It is default on a fresh installation. It can be configured via a file in /etc/pm/config.d/
  • s2ram/s2disk is the older method supporting more hardware.

On one machine the pm-utils are not working, but - no problem - the “s2ram” is working fine from command line.

But how do I set KDE 4.2 to use s2ram/s2disk instead of pm-suspend/pm-hibernate in 11.1?
I’ve already read the docu here and here but even in the section “How to get the GUI buttons working” is nothing written what I understand…
My current behaviour is the foillowing:

  • executing pm-suspend behaves the same as clicking on “Suspend to RAM” as closing the lid: Linux will suspend and automatically wake up some seconds later
  • A manually call of s2ram will gracefully put the computer into sleep and wakes up perfectly - thats what I want!
  • Changing the config to HIBERNATE_METHOD=userspace will lead to a crash during “Suspend to RAM”

So all what I want is to use s2ram when closing the lid, klicking in KDE4 or when the power goes down.
How to do this???

Thanks a lot

It looks like s2ram is also not stable, mostly it works, but sometimes it automatically wakes up, so no difference.
It is not worth to use it - so no suspend/hibernate >:(

You can thank for that proprietary solutions designed to work best only with Microsoft systems.

What happened if in the /var/log/pm-suspend.log sometimes a message:

s2ram_do: Resource temporarily unavailable

appear? That outputs s2ram if it is unable to fall int suspend…

problem solved: my attempt to get s2disk running also made s2ram possible.

i added the wlan modules to

SUSPEND_MODULES=“rt2500usb rt73usb”

now s2ram works. i never read anything about this anywhere. can someone please put this as a possible workarround in the article?