s2ram laptop ( again? )


have a sony laptop. Wish to enbale s2ram, it will do so with the command s2ram -f -m -p from the command line.

It wakes up ok except for wifi.

I want to edit a file so that I don’t have to keep suspending from a terminal.

which file has to be edited and can it be edited using Kwrite?

I have tried to find out how to do this but for me anyway it is not clear how to do so.

ta much.

create a text file and call it: config

add a line:

S2RAM_OPTS="-f -m -p"

if that does not work try:


put the file in

thanks for the help.

can suspend the laptop now.

have noticed though that it can only suspend to ram and resume once. to do it again requires a re-boot otherwise it hangs.

onwards and upwards and try different combinations I guess.