s2ram: how to add my computer to whitelist

I apologize if this is not the right forum but questions about suspend to ram have been posted in various forums including this one so I am posting here.

I have recently install OpenSuSE 11 x86_64 on HP desktop d4790y. I found that Suspend to RAM functionality was not working. After checking the /var/log/pm-suspend.log, I found that since my computer is not on the white list, suspend to ram revoked itself and computer did not go to sleep mode. I tried s2ram -f option and suspend to ram worked just fine. The computer stayed suspended and responded cleanly to wake-on-LAN command. All this with Compiz, KDE4 and variety of visual effects enabled.

My question is: how do I add my computer to the white list? Is this list resident somewhere on my computer and can I just add my computer to it?


hi, just follow the “instructions” in these links:
Suspend to RAM - openSUSE
Suspend to RAM - openSUSE
it`s quite simple. send an email to the developers mentioning that it worked mit the -f option and add the output of “s2ram -i”. they will put your machine into the whitelist and you will sooner or later be able to install updated packages. Don’t know if you can change the whitelist on your machine…

The controls used to be under /etc/sysconfig, but that has been deprecated. The sysconfig info points now to /etc/pm/config.d. On my system the folder is empty, but that may be because I am not using the package. I noticed from the docm that there is integration and some coordination between s2ram and powersave; that may bear looking into.

I imagine you’ve seen the howto page at Suspend to RAM - openSUSE. There are also readme’s under /usr/share/doc/packages/suspend/ including one specifically for whitelist, but I didn’t see anything diff there than in the web page. I noticed an email link to the dev team; you might fire off a query. (Be sure to include everything in the message that they request, in order to be able to help.)

I did read the OpenSuSE suspend to ram pages. In the past I had sent the details of my laptop to developers but that was for OpenSuSE ver 10.2. I was hoping that there might be an easier way out but looks like there isn’t. On further digging, it seems like the whitelist.c file is pat of the compiled source code and cannot be modified directly.

Is there something else I can do to make the suspend to ram button work? I am assuming that behind the scene, it uses s2ram utility to suspend. I was hoping there might be a conf file or something where I can put an overriding directive to use the -f option.


I suspected the whitelist was in fact an internal table. Appears it’s a table of characteristics. My only thought is to look at the related mechanisms like powersave, since the s2ram docm indicates a relationship. Perhaps that creates a dependency or vulnerability of some sort vis-a-vis the other code. So perhaps disabling or uninstalling the other package(s) might change the behavior of s2ram. Of course, this is pure speculation, but might be worth a try. Beyond that, a query to the dev’s. Good luck.

Thanks… I have e-mailed the machine details to developers.

Having OpenSuse 11.1 x86_64, I was able to add options for shutting down with:

echo 'S2RAM_OPTS="-f -a 3" ’ >/etc/pm/config.d/config

It took immediate effect (no reboot, no waiting, …)

P.S. A teeny, weeny, itsy, bitsy bit of detail is at:
Pm-utils - openSUSE