s2disk without skipping GRUB menu

I’m looking for method using suspend to disk, but with a choice of operating system during next booting.


On my laptop openSUSE 11.1 and Windows Vista are installed. What I want to achieve is suspending everything to hard disk in my KDE session and rebooting to Windows Vista (or any other suspended operating system I want to choose). As long as that other OS doesn’t use the same Swap partition as suspended OS, I suppose it is possible to boot it without corrupting suspended one?

Here goes the explanation, how **I think **things work (if I have understood it incorrectly, please correct me):

Normally s2disk moves everything from RAM to Swap (hard disk) and ‘overrides’ GRUB operation system choosing menu, so next time system boots it automatically chooses operating system. The same thing happens when you choose operating system you want to reboot before actually rebooting it - at least you can do this in KDE.

So maybe I can somehow disable this GRUB skipping, for example, by editing s2disk script or any other configuration files?

Suspend to disk - openSUSE

Thank you!

That is an obvious place to look before asking
and I think I have even seen that page,
but I probably have overseen this subheading.

When I try described procedure, I will post the result here.

Yes, the trick works!

But there was a small difference in code of the listed script (at least in my system)


Snip from the file (grub lines already commented out)

###### main()

if  "$1" = hibernate ] ||  "$1" = suspend -a "$2" = suspend_hybrid ]; then
###        prepare-grub
if  "$1" = thaw ] ||  "$1" = resume -a "$2" = suspend_hybrid ]; then
###        grub-once-restore