(s)mplayer and video output driver

I’ve had problems for a while with video flickering like crazy when in windowed mode, and read somewhere that it could help if I switched from xv as output driver for mplayer.

I ended up with X11 as output driver, which gives me no flickering what-so-ever, and so far I haven’t experienced it as being slow contrary to what I’ve read on many places.

However, while I was going through the list in SMPlayer, I reached an entry named “sdl”. I happened to have my TV on and tv-out enabled on my computer, and when I applied sdl, my tv showed a perfectly downscaled clone of the video playing in fullscreen on my monitor. I’ve been trying to find a way to downscale video on the tv-out connector since I got my gfx-card, but haven’t managed to find any until now.

When the movie was playing though, I couldn’t stop it or pause it or exit SMPlayer or anything, my keyboard was locked and not wanting to wait for 90 minutes for the movie to end in order to maybe be able to use my computer, i had to do a hard reset.

Is there a way for me to control the player while it outputs to “sdl”? It would be great to be able to quit and pause and other such nice features one can find use for when watching videos?

some of your questions can be answered by consulting the man page for MPlayer