rx_len is too short


I’m running a series of systems with kvm + guests, and everything goes ok.

I’m using opensuse 11.4, x86-64, system is a quad core.

Except, for one system where the one ethernet interface is a realtek one.

After a while (eth link is a 5mb/512k dsl line, not too demanding) the system starts to log:

eth1: rx_len is too short.

eth1 is the realtek one. The other interface is a e1000, fixed to 100mbits full dup autoneg off.

running ethtool eth1 shows that the realtek adapter starts to have issues with the autonegotiation of its speed with the switch (and it shows 100mbits one, then 10mbits, and so on). The switch is a Cisco un-managed one (was working fine before with opensuse 11.1, vmware server, doing more or less the same thing, differnet hw on the pc though). However, I haven’t been able to force the speed of the realtek adapter as I did with the e1000 one (ethtool options on the adapter).

Both adapters (e1000 and realtek) are actually “bridges” to connect the different virtual systems to each bridge, including one acting as a firewall.

Any ideas on how to solve this?