"rw" don't works with "nfs"

This machine (Leap 42.3) can not connect in “rw” mode with my notebook (Leap 15) using "nfs’. There is only “ro” connection.
But other machines are usually connecting to “rw”.
The rows contained in fstab are exactly the same and I turn off the firewall.
What could be causing this problem?

Thank you in advance!

I noticed that the user number was different. The machine that was not working on “rw” was 2000 and the others were 1000.
I created a new 1000 user and now “rw” works
Sorry for the inconvenience, but here is a new question … Can I change the number from 2000 to 1000 without having other problems?

You conclusion that the file system is mounted ro is wrong as you found out later. Next time please post why you think things and not only post your conclusions.

As you have found, the ownership (by user and group) and permissions work for all files. Regardless if they are in an NFS mounted (or any other mounted) file system.

You can of course, as root, change the ownership of files from 2000 to 1000. When they are all in one directory and further in sub-directories you can use

chown -R ......

BTW, using NFS requires a consistent administration of users on all involved systems. Togeter with NFS, NIS (yellow pages) was designed for that. But I would use that only for a larger shop. For only a few systems a bit of administration of users (user names and user-ids) and groups (group names and group-ids) is needed. Remark that the ids (UID and GID) are the ones that should be the same on the NFS servers and their clients. The names may differ, but that is of course confusing.

A small addition to Henk’s answer, I suggest that the NFS Server runs only on “non-moveable” machines – in other words, Desktop machines, rack-mounted Servers and NAS – portable machines such as Laptops should, usually, only be NFS Clients.

One more point, take a look at ensuring that the NFS Clients running on portable machines use the Auto-Mounter and, last but not least, use NFS v4 whenever possible.