Running Wvdial as Root: Security Vulnerability

After considerable effort I have managed to use dial-up with Leap, using wvdial. (And many thanks to Deano and Tsu for their help.) I have to run wvdial as root. What vulnerabilities does this open my system to?

I do not have broadband and am stuck with dial-up until telephone lies are upgraded to DSL. I would prefer to use OpenSuSE 13.1 since it provides qinternet, but I cannot get the 4-DVD repository from OSDisc; they do not answer my inquiries. I have Leap and its repository (as of 12/11/15) installed from DVD’s - obtained from OSDisc - and would like to install the 13.1 repository for that installation. So, if anybody knows where I can get the 13.1 repository on DVD media, that would help me a lot too.

Are you a member of dialout group. Problem sounds like a permission problem

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I set my user to be in dialout. This was one of the first suggestions I got to my earlier thread concerning kppp.

The YAST modem module in 13.1 has a default option for qinternet to be run as user, so there are some permission and ownership reconfigurations when qinternet is configured. BTW I’m hooked up to an old USR serial port modem connected by a USB to serial adapter cable. YAST 13.1 identified this as /dev/ttyUSB0 and set it up perfectly.