running suse and xp simultaneously

hi everyone
i heard from my colleagues that we can run both windows and suse simultaneously i.e i can switch betweeen these o.s without actually restarting my pc.How can this be achieved???

You can achieve this by installing winXP inside Linux in either a VMware or a Virtual Box session.

It’s way cool man. I’m doing it as we speak.

I’ve got a bunch of KDE desktops open in Suse. One of them is me typing here in the forum from openSUSE.

Another KDE window is VMware in Suse running windows 2000 running Msoft Office so I can do a job for a client who can’t read openoffice files.

And just for the hell of it I have now clicked VNC client in the virtual windows 2000 to connect to a client computer in a different location for whom I do remote servicing.

All at once – so cool!

And just for fun I’m now posting this from a computer 20 KM away from where I’m sitting because I’m running that computer from a VNC client running in windows 2000 in a VMware server running in openSUSE on my desktop in my office.

Have fun with Suse man!

Sounds good, but I already lost my virtual geographic sense reading this. :stuck_out_tongue:
Is this all still happening inside Oz?

If thinking about buying it the little I have seen so far virtualbox does basically the same thing as VMWare…and is free.

Might look into it.

Not sure on the server part though, they may just have the stand alone.

Click your heels three times then you will know… :wink:

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VMware server is free. The term “server” is confusing. It’s not anything like a “windows server”. VMware server quite simply allows you to run a windows workstation in openSUSE (or if you like, to run a Linux workstation in openSUSE).

ATM it is, but keep a watch out, we are reaching into your country next.