running processes use deleted files

i have running processes use deleted files

how can i restart these processes

i use openSUSE 11.2 RC 1 (i586) & it is up to date after use

the zypper dup command .

What is the problem. It is a feature of a Unix/Linux file system that deleted fiiles are not realy removed before all processes using them ar finished. One of the advantages is that you can install new versions of software without doing a reboot for every little piece you install like others OSs may require.

When you have a process and you want to restart it, this takes two steps:

  1. kill it (the *kill *statement is good for that);
  2. start it (like it was started originaly).
    Now this is so obvious that I suppose it does not help you. So please tell more about your problem, e.g. which processes and may be more.