Running PRIME dual graphics on AMD renoir CPU and Nvidia GPU always puts Xorg on GPU

As the title says. I’m running a functionaly PRIME setup as bumblebee doesn’t seem to work with my configuration - i tried anyway, couldnt get it working.

I can run programs on the dGPU using prime-run, but everything defaults to the AMD integrated graphics by default, which is good. However, on boot, Xorg is running on the dGPU by default,
and I would like to have it run on the processor, as having the dGPU constantly on, even just for Xorg, kills the battery, as this is a laptop I wuld prefer a longer battery life. is there some kind
of configuration where I can set this up? is it possible? any help is greatly appreciated.

AFAIK, not possible, but perhaps power management may be the option to investigate;

How can I apply these options?

At the end of the link there are instructions on automation…

So for my setup;

/sbin/lspci -nnk | egrep "VGA|Display|3D"
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller [8086:016a] (rev 09)
02:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GP108 [GeForce GT 1030] [10de:1d01] (rev a1) < - this is the card I use
03:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GK208B [GeForce GT 710] [10de:128b] (rev a1)

<before adding rule and options>
cat  /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:02\:00.0/power/control

cat  /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:02\:00.1/power/control < - built in sound (not used by me...)

echo auto > /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:02\:00.0/power/control

cat  /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:02\:00.1/power/control

<info about card and rule, I used the KERNEL as multiple cards>
udevadm info -a -p /sys/bus/pci/devices/0000\:02\:00.0

cat /etc/udev/rules.d/80-nvidia-pm.rules

# Enable runtime PM for NVIDIA VGA/3D controller devices on driver bind
ACTION=="bind", SUBSYSTEM=="pci", KERNEL=="0000:02:00.0", TEST=="power/control", ATTR{power/control}="auto"

# Disable runtime PM for NVIDIA VGA/3D controller devices on driver unbind
ACTION=="unbind", SUBSYSTEM=="pci", KERNEL=="0000:02:00.0", TEST=="power/control", ATTR{power/control}="on"

<add nvidia options>
cat /etc/modprobe.d/50-nvidia.conf

# generated by nvidia-installer
blacklist nouveau
options nouveau modeset=0
options nvidia "NVreg_DynamicPowerManagement=0x02"