Running KDE 4.3 for a week and didn't know

I read KDE 4,2,4 was out and did an update. All went without a hitch. And there were so many COOL improvements! I thought it was so great for such a minor release. You know, those mouse-over folder view effects, system tray, Amarok etc. And today I was doing something in YAST Software Manager and just saw that the KDE version was actually 4.2.90. WOW! All that time I was actually running a beta KDE without a single problem, without even knowing it? Cool! That’s what I call improvement! No crashes, no issues, no problems. Great. I love it.

Just thought I’d share my excitement.

PS. The only tiny issue I have is, you know, that plasma artifact or lines on the screen when you close a window, which disappear when you click on the screen? I had them in KDE 4.2.1 I think. Now they’re back. That’s all. KDE 4.3 rocks! Can’t wait for the final openSUSE 11.2. Or maybe it’s as good as KDE beta now? It’s tempting…:wink:

KDE: Taking over the world, one desktop at a time…

I’m running openSUSE 11.2 Milestone 2 which has KDE 4.3 Beta 2 (4.2.85) and its pretty stable. A couple of glitches here and there but no major crashes. Only downside is I can’t get a repo for multimedia codecs anywhere at the moment. Packman doesn’t seem to be there for developing versions of openSUSE.

It’s now up to 4.2.90, so you might want to do some updating. Also, just add the packman repository from the community repositories and it’ll work fine.

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As you can see, my laptop runs about the same. Just add the Packman 11.1 repo and use codecs, libxine etc. from there. Same goes for libdvdcss (but only that) from VLC. Works great here.
By the time these two will have new repos just change and update unconditionally.