Running Kate with PolicyKit

So, i just realized that opensuse patched out this feature from kate, with this feature i can open a root-owned file i want to edit, hit save, and it will ask for my password at that point in time. How can i get this feature back or ask opensuse to don’t patch it?

What makes you think so? Show (link to) patch that does it.

i just assumed it patched it since this feature is not available.

That is not as openSUSE sees security. For editing a file that is only writable by root, one needs to know the root password. Thus edit it it “being root”.

BTW, like @avidjaar says, why do you think that what you see is a “patched out feature”? Did this ever work as you think in openSUSE? And starting with what version is it patched out?

like i said i just assumed it was patched out, this is the my first time using opensuse

Then you better do not take it for granted that we know what you were used to in a not openSUSE environment. People here probably aren’t.
And of course, be very careful with assumptions. :wink:

So better assume that it is “pactched in” in the environment you are used to.

Or maybe, it is just where distributions differ.

I don’t think that’s the case, this same feature is already implemented on opensuse with Plasma, only kate doesn’t implement it. But anyway, thank you for replying!