running into upgrade problems to 11.2 with zypper


i haven’t attempted a major upgrade of opensuse until today. using the available upgrade information on this site, i am currently zypper’ing 11.2 repos and i keep getting “subprocess failed” messages - the vast majority of packages reports “RPM failed”. i originally did this bc i had a x11 failure (didnt get a screen except using sax2 and then only for the root account), and now i’m afraid i won’t be able to reboot properly … should i be worried? :’(

i am on a inspiron 530 (x64).


Better to do a clean install when moving to 11.2 there are too many changes.

Also if you are doing the zypper upgrade are you sure you have the correct repositories set. Still have the 11.1’s active somewhere??

In a seperate terminal as root run the command

rpm --rebuilddb
when finished resume your upgrade
If you have already shut down and are able to boot into runlevel 3 just zypper up and redo your upgrade