Running for Election to the openSUSE Board

I am running for Election to the openSUSE Board.

Many of you already know me, but here is some more information, including the reasons I want to join the Board.

I hope some of you support me in this quest, but if not voting for me, make sure you at least participate in the election. Vote for someone you believe will do the job most like the way you want to see it done.

You can find information about the election here:

I though I added a post here. Lost?

In any case, I read the page, but fail to see whwre to click to add an endorsement (others seem to be more intelligent then me).

Also read the page about the voting. It seems that you have to be an “openSUSE member” to be allowed to vote. I guess that “openSUSE member” is different from “openSUSE user”, but what is it?

Login with your usual openSUSE creds, and you’ll see ‘Bewerken’ next to ‘Endorsements’. Click that, look at how the others did it. Your name needs to be ( I loooooooove logic ) between pairs of single quotes.

Well, having heard something about a “single login”, I assumed I was seen by that page as someone to be trusted :.

It worked, thanks Gertjan.

PS, the pairs of single quotes seem to generate italics.

There’s an explicit joining process. I was commenting on that here.

Refer to this as well

I am not sure I want to become a member only to be able to vote for my two friends here.

A case of “I will never want to be a member of a club that accepts me as a member”?


To the others: Maybe we should arbitrarily give him a membership so he ***is ***a member of one of those clubs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, Gertjan, Henk, and Lee, for the endorsements.

With endorsements like that, I am beginning to consider voting for me.:\

Well my first application was rejected several years ago (as I’ve mentioned before), and I’m not inclined to go through their ‘exclusive’ process again to prove I’m worthy of such membership. Serving as a moderator here on the forums for several years as well as bug reporting when necessary should be sufficient IMHO.

IMHO, as well.

But, rejected?

I am looking forward to changes in the qualification requirements that Richard is working towards/proposing.

I think openSUSE membership should be much more inclusive and welcoming.

If there is concern about some of the cloaking or anything like that, perhaps there should be a tier system, such as a probationary period level?

But, requirement for membership should need not a heck of a lot more qualification than the desire to join, IMHO … perhaps some small amount of positive contribution, perhaps even some tie to a Forum User’s reputation points.

Anyway, all in discussion, currently, and changes in this regard are what I would personally push for.

Declined to be more precise…digging up the past…!-Yea!?p=2503660#post2503660

You and Swerdna will get your memberships as soon as Gertjan and I are on the board!

Well, i was of course a little joke, but it there is some background.

I have no idea what being an openSUSE member would mean. What was the original idea of having such a group of members of those who created it. When that is unclear (including the shift of the ideas that may have taken place over time), we, none members can not even make a decision if we want to be a member. And if we want and try (like Dean) at which point do we not fulfill the ideas the existing members have, so we can say either “OK I will try to increase my knowledge/activities/whatever and come back again” or “Thanks for looking into my request, but interpreting your answer I agree that it is not something for me”?

In other words, what is so great about a club that I want to be a member? What is the benefit for the club and for me to become involved?

Or, as Dean says, helping here on the forums and it’s direct environment (doing a bit extra in the Dutch section on documentation) might be sufficient to give me the feeling of helping openSUSE (and Open Source) and it might really help a bit to the community.

Yes, what is more important.

So far, the only benefit of being a member is that you get a person @ mail address and an IRC cloak, along with the right to run for the Board and/or vote in the election.

That first item, the e-mail address, is perhaps the riskiest part of the membership, should be limited to those who prove their values and reliablility. After all, mail arriving somewhere from that address will reflect strongly on openSUSE, itself.

Thus, my suggestion of some probationary levels.

I think membership should be for those who are serious about using and supporting openSUSE, which includes those who come in to the forums and do what they can to provide bona fide help to other Users.

… oh, yes, and – of course – a proven commitment to our Guiding Principles.