running far cry 2 in suse 11.4

In mswin xp, i’m having the game crash in full screen. So, i’m forced to reboot after a short time of playing. I have all the latest updates and drivers. Also, i’m fairly sure it’s not an overheat problem.

Is it possible to install and run the game using wine? Also, be able to shut it down without a restart in suse in full screen.

Maybe you can, but I suggest you checked at the wineHQ site for sure. Check the wine appdb section to see if someone already did run it on Linux.

Do you have Opensuse installed and if so what version of suse and which desktop environment are you using?

It is possible to run it with Wine or withe playonlinux.

I have open suse 11.4 with wine installed. I’v run one program with wine(exe). So, i’m lost. Wine forums have pages on it. It’s all confusing. Someone on WineHQ pointed out the pages for “far cry 2”, but that it. I have the retail version of it. Not sure of the version number. So, I need to install the game and maybe patches to into wine. I need the basics for how to install it into suse. Explained for someone with some experience with command lines.

Do I need to install the nvidia drivers into suse? What’s playonlinux?? Wine tricks??

Use this link :
WineHQ - Far Cry 2 1.0

The game has got platinum rating (the highest one) so it should run great under wine. In the link I’ve given You are quite precise instructions on how to install it (they start with “Works @ Ubuntu 8.04 / 8.10 (32bit & 64bit)”). Read them carefully and execute on openSUSE. Don’t worry about that they state it works on Ubuntu it should work here as well. Try first with the wine version from repositories. Only if that does not work compile exactly the same version they state in the howto or simply run it in Ubuntu 8.04 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Playonlinux is another MS Windows Emulator

I tried playonlinux, “No 3D acceleration on”. When I installed the nvidia drivers, it still says that. ??

do you have an nvidia card?
please post the output of:

~su -
#hwinfo --gfxcard

if yes, follow instructions on SDB:NVIDIA drivers - openSUSE

(you should propably use the 1-click-install)


I now have it working well. Playonlinux Farcry2 script had a bug. Now, i’m trying to get the FPS higher. Thanks.