running dasher

I recently installed dasher, the chess interface for ICC using wine, however when i ran it the first time it said that i needed something called “gecko installer”. I allowed for it to get the files, but it failed. So I’m curious if anyone has familiarity with what I’m trying to do. Thx

Why not look for a native linux equivalent?

Why not go for a native linux client. Start the software installer and search for “chess”, read the descriptions and I’m convinced you’ll find something.

Do the native linux programs connect to a server and such so i can play online? I have chess programs to play, i want to be able to play on the ICC server.

I believe jin will being java but have no experience with it. from the looks of things there isn’t a suse package, but you should be able to use it as a normal user after extracting/installing.

Jin Chess Client

There is no linux equivalent.

Dasher, Blitzen, and Icarus will not run in Wine. They used to, but any Wine version after 1-something pretty much doesn’t let you run any chess software except babaschess for FICS.

You can try JIN if you have real Java working on your machine though it seems sluggish and the pieces/themes are dorky. Forget about the open java (pretend java) stuff - will not work with Jin.

Raptor is good if you use FICS, but Raptor does not work with ICC.

Eboard is ok, you CAN connect to ICC or FICS if you know the ip and port number but Eboard does not come with timeseal so you’re at the mercy of lag cheats unless you can figure out how to install and configure timeseal.

But with Eboard you’ll not have access to most ICC features.