Running crow-translate 2.10 dumps nvidia driver and opencl files on home folder

crow-translate 2.10 installed from:
This repo is tagged as experimental in openSUSE Software
When i run it two files appear in the home folder:

:~> ls -p | grep -v /

Coincidentally (or not) the video card is a RTX 2060, driver version 525.60.11.
The stub of the bin file gives no version number, the tesseract file stub inside matches the version number.

These files do not appear if I downgrade to version 2.5.1 from the main repo.

I believe this is a just a packaging error, and I’ll try to file a bug report in openSUSE Bugzilla.

Tested now in another desktop with integrated AMD graphics, crow-translate 2.10 only dumped the tesseract_opencl_profile_devices.dat file in the home folder, with no reference to nvidia or any version number in the stub. So it seems obvious that the app is checking the hardware on start.

Link to bug report: