Running Anbox from Snap: Missing kernel modules

I follows these instructions to install Anbox on OpenSUSE

After a restart I tried starting Anbox, but after the splash screen nothing happens.
I tried to start anbox on the command line, but it fails.

anbox session-manager
 2022-10-31 11:30:13] [session_manager.cpp:133@operator()] Failed to start as either binder or ashmem kernel drivers are not loaded

What do I need to install to get these 2 kernel modules?

Sounds similar… and

As those are for Ubuntu, I could not find a solution for OpenSUSE to get these 2 kernel modules.

I tried to install the anbox-modules through this GitHub repository

Installing those anbox-modules was the solution.
Anbox is now running, although with very slow performance.

I just spin up via qemu, much quicker… there are a few Forum threads on what to do…