Running a 32-bit application on a 64-bit system

After installing a 64 bit system, I downloaded and installed the following 32 bit file of a cloud storage application called mega from the “” site and was able to run it:


then I downloaded the following 32 bit rpm file from the vivaldi web browser site, but it didn’t work:


I don’t know where I went wrong. Is it because the second program I mentioned has the phrase “i386” in its name? if so, there is no version of vivaldi bearing the phrase i586. Or is there some other incompatibility?

Hello and welcome here.

Unfortunately “it didn’t work” is not something many people can work with.

No messges whatsoever?

And what is the reason you did not download 64 bit version?

I have an old 32-bit program that runs fine, as long as I install “glibc-32bit”. But I cannot imagine why anybody would install 32-bit vivaldi on a 64-bit system – it just doesn’t make sense.

the installation completes and when I run it, i see on the taskbar, an invisible window opens and closes immediately.

I want this because 32-bit applications use less ram than 64-bit ones. :frowning:

When one has problems running aprogram in the GUI and not seeing the possible messages, one starts it from a terminal and then looks there for any messages.

How much less?

Then it would make more sense to install the 32 bit version of the operating system.

First, whether an installation fails depends entirely on how the installation was written.
No errors doesn’t necessarily mean a successful install.

Seconds, it’s very unlikely an app running in 32-bit uses less RAM than 64bit, it’s more likely the same or nearly same codebase is used for both 32bit and 64bit versions… Each just requires a different set of libraries (ie support files) and is compiled appropriately.
If one version tries to utilize more memory addresses, it’s only because the system allows more efficient use of physical resources.


When you use a browser such as “vivaldi”, most of the memory use is going to be for data (from web pages), and that’s going to be about the same whether a 32-bit or 64-bit browser.

thank you for your explanations @tsu2 and @nrickert.