Running 32 bits apps with Bumblebee on a 64 bits OpenSUSE

Hi guys, I’m using OpenSUSE 13.1 64 bits and I used this excelent guide to set up Bumblebee. It’s working properly I guess, when I run “$ optirun glxgears” FPS are 1000+. I guess it installed Bumblebee for 64 bits apps only, right? I’m a bit lost here. Well, then I installed Steam’s client using this link. I clicked “1 click install” and a bunch of 32 bits only apps. I think everything is OK, I was able to open Steam and install my game. Steam’s client itself is 32 bits and the game I’m trying to play (Counter Strike Source) is 32 bits too. The game opens, but graphics are all messed up, it’s all black with some parts white, I can’t see a thing. Why is this problem happening? Is it because my Bumblebee doesn’t support 32 bits apps? Is it because I didn’t an install Nvidia driver for 32 bits? How can I solve this, please? :frowning:

I installed these packages:


Now optirun is able to use my Nvidia driver to run 32 bits apps, BUT I think primusrun can not :frowning:

$ optirun glxspheres64
~150 FPS
$ optirun glxspheres32
~150 FPS
$ primusrun glxspheres64
~60 FPS
$ primusrun glxspheres32
~60 FPS
$ glxspheres64
~60 FPS
$ glxspheres32
~60 FPS

It seems primusrun makes no difference… is it meant to be like this? Is primusrun broken?

AFAIK primus reports what is sent to the screen. Since most screens refresh at a rate of 60, that info should be ok.

So is primusrun working properly? Is there another way to test it?

YOU!! YES YOU! Do you have a paypal account or something!!?! I have been trying to get TF2 to work for WEEKS after numerous trial and error and full reinstalls, I finally got the stupid black screens and texture errors fixed!!