Run VirtualBox at startup


I have Sun VirtualBox setup on my OpenSUSE 11.2 system.(KDE)

How can I run VirtualBox when Linux boots?

Is there a way to pin VirtualBox to Desktop 2?


It should be possible to start it, but it’ll not start a VM, because it requires user intervention to start a VM.
There are autostart settings in the kde desktop settings.

It is possible to start a VM without a GUI and connect to its console using VNC. It involves the use of the other VBox utilities in the package. Have a look at the HOWTOs at the VBox forums.

can you post any links to a specific thread how to do this?

To get this straight - let’s say opensuse is installed on a laptop - boot suse with no gui, then load up the vbox and display it to the screen for the user…?

You can start VBox without a GUI where you are using the guest OS as a headless server for example, but you can’t display anything to the user without a GUI. So in your case you should start it from the window manager.