run second X server freezes first X server

Hi guys

I have one issue regarding X server. i am trying to do achieve multihead on suse linux.

i have 2 keyboard, and 2 mice, 2 displays.

I have 2 X servers running on different displays. the issue is when i start second X server , first X server gets freezed . I cant do anything in first display.

Can anybody tell me what could be the reason for that.

Arun Mittal

i believe that one X can serve two different users at two different
displays using two different graphics cards, but i might be wrong (and
i have no idea how sound (for example) could be routed to one ‘work
station’ and not the other without two different sound cards also)

perhaps you are trying to do something a little too fancy for one box
to accomplish…perhaps you need to look to a server and thin-client