Run program on another disk

I tried taking a “lighter” approach to getting a program to run on another disk. In dolphin, I added a place called “Old Home.” With a couple of clicks, I get to the hdd desktop, after entering root password to mount the disk. Clicking on the icon, I start the desired program. I found this solution satisfactory enough that I tried to add a couple more links (Tor and gramps) for programs that I use occasionally. If I boot to the hdd, these programs have icons on the desktop and they start the corresponding programs. However, they do not appear in dolphin when I try to access them via “Old Home” while booted to the ssd. I haven’t located these programs on the hdd, thinking it would be easier to have one place to look for such programs, meaning the desktop.

I cannot get to fstab on the hdd using dolphin. Working up the file tree, it reverts to fstab on the ssd. I wanted to compare, as I have done in the past, the fstab on each disk. Right now, the Documents and Downloads directories on the ssd are completely empty. Previously, there were at least a couple of entries there. I have access to all docs and downloads on the hdd using “Old Home.” So, it isn’t a crisis but I want to see if I accidentally made fstab changes that caused what I see. I don’t THINK I manually emptied those two directories but I could have, considering my objective has been to have a fast boot on a slimmed down ssd.