Run program in the system tray

Hello! New release - new problems. After installing of 13.2 I got new problem with the launching of applications in the system tray. When I choose this option in the additional setting of the *.desktop file and run application, it doesn’t appear in the system tray but it appears in the upper left corner!

Here is the content of the *.desktop file:

[Desktop Entry]Comment[ru]=Mail/News Client
Comment=Mail/News Client
Exec=ksystraycmd thunderbird
GenericName[ru]=Mail/News Client
GenericName=Mail/News Client

Unfortunately I can’t attache a screenshot.

Is this a bug or may be you know a simple solution? Tell me please.

Images can be loaded to
Then link us to it

With kde, if you launch the app in question
Then right click on the running task in the panel. You should see the option to ‘show a launcher when not running’

Yes, there is this option to ‘show a launcher when not running’. It is something like a workaround. Thank you for your idea! But that’s not what I need.

What happened with the ksystraycmd’s functionality?

It seems to work fine here on my 13.2.

Do you actually have a system tray?

Try with a fresh user account. Does it work there?

Right click the panel, unlock widgets.

Then go to the menu, right-click the app’s icon, choose Add to Panel.

Use Panel Settings and drag the app’s icon to where you want it on the panel (tray).

Lock the widgets again afterwards.

Note that the Add to Panel option does not show when right-clicking the app if the widgets are locked.

It is very strange. I did another installation of 13.2 on the virtual machine and there was no such troubels. ksystraycmd works just like it should!

Great thanks for your attention to my topic! I’ll try to reinstall 13.2 on my phisical machine and detect when the problem begins to appear.

As I said, I suspect a problem with your plasma/systemtray configuration.

In this case, a reinstall should not be necessary, and won’t even help if you keep your home directory. Just remove the plasma configuration.

kquitapp plasma-desktop && rm ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma* && plasma-desktop &

(run this as the affected user of course)

And as mentioned as well, you could try a fresh user account to see whether it is indeed caused by the user’s settings.

I have already restored my 13.1 installation on the physical machine. There was another problems and I had no time for such experiments. 13.2 was installed on the virtual machine to find and solve these and another problems.