Run Level 3 troubles

gymnart wrote:
> AFAIK, the rmmod nvidia is for if you have the Novell Nouveau version
> installed.

That’s what I mean when I say confused. How could rmmod nvidia mean
anything if the nouveau module was installed? Then it would be rmmod
nouveau! Anyway, it was just an incidental point; I’ll drop back out of
this thread.

Yeah, I had my husband look it up.

While the nouveau driver did work, and I was able to use SweetHome 3D (which requires OpenGL), the screen would flicker or blink. That unnerved me, since I thought it might mean that something was wrong and I’d end up with a black screen of death right in the middle of a project!
The NVIDIA driver has been nice and stable, with no blinking/flickering at all.

…People who aren’t afraid of recompiling the nvidia kernel module or
even reinstalling the nvidia driver each time the kernel has been
updated and want or need to use the latest and greatest nvidia driver…

I haven’t been afraid to do this. Been doing this since SuSE 10.0. Like the others have said, it’s only a matter of a few minutes, not much time at all.

That’s ok, good point! I think they should update the instructions to reflect that.

Another thing I remember about the nouveau driver, is that when I use SweetHome 3D and used the “Take Photo” tool, it would render ok, but, after it was done, the window would linger too long when I closed it. It acted sluggishly (the text and images were gone like they should have done but the background rectangle remained and was blocking the app’s panes.) I had to close the app entirely and then restart it again in order to use it again. That’s not good when you are in the middle of a project.
With the proprietary NVIDIA driver, I don’t have this problem. Like I said, I contribute 3D models to the project so I need to have the app work properly each and every time so that I can test my models and see if there are any problems with them.