Run Leap 15.5+Packman+VidoPlayer container in docker = good or bad idea

I don’t want to install Paskman in my host(notebook).
Is it a good idea to run a separate leap15.5_gui_packman_multimedia in a docker container?


Maybe you should explain what advantages you think to gain with this.

Do not install codecs on the main system.

But why? Codecs can’t burn your house or kill your kittens :wink:
So you might explain what your concerns are…

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Like @hui.

For those who decide that the legal restrictions do not apply to their system and thus use Packman, it is just as if is was part of the original distro (as it is in many other distros if I understand correct).

It is not the legal restrictions to their system, it is the legal restriction to distribute.

There are patents on the codes, that require you license fees.

packman is hosted at a university and according to freedom of education can distribute the codecs.

This is utter nonsense and plain missinformation.
Packman is hosted on different mirrors. Some universities provides some space on their mirrors. They do not activly distribute codecs and “freedom of education” does not lift license restrictions.

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@skoltogyan you can always look at running (as your --user) the flatpak version of the application, or look at distrobox? This is the preferred method in MicroOS.

Flatpak ? - Thank you. Interesting thought.

@skoltogyan What are you wanting to run?

video player ( avi ).

Thanks for the advice. !

@skoltogyan Would VLC work for you?

Perhaps it will. (most likely). Thank you. I’ll try to think and search. It is interesting to search further.