run-crons as user

To schedule anacron to run all scripts placed in a folder ~/anacron.daily, create a file ~/anacrontab that contains

@daily 5 anacron.daily nice /usr/lib/cron/run-crons ~/anacron.daily

and put

mkdir -p ~/spool/anacron
/usr/sbin/anacron -S ~/spool/anacron -t ~/anacrontab

into ~/.profile.

However, run-crons, the equivalent to run-parts on Feodora, refuses to accept the -S parameter of anacron to spool into
the home spool dir but instead spools into the root spool dir, giving an error message (a look into the run-crons script’s
source code shows that the $SPOOL dir variable is not parametrizable).

What is the right way to make anacron execute all scripts placed in a folder on a daily basis?

The run-parts shell script at is a good alternative to run-crons and runs without superuser rights.