Run a command at boot

They are referring to you original post, if this can be done at boot, no matter what happens afterwards. If that’s done, your previous solution can be dropped.

I’d do it like this:
Open a terminal window and follow commands one by one, enter root password when asked for:

su -c 'crontab -l > cronfile.tmp'
su -c 'kwrite cronfile.tmp'

It’s probably empty, now enter the line from hccv’s last post in this thread, save and exit. Back in the terminal window do:

su -c 'crontab cronfile.tmp'

The result should be the same, but now from boot on.

What we found out is that the solution that works so nice for you (relaxing, etc.) is not the solution we geeks llike in the end. Because:

  1. It will not work when you decide for another DE (do not say you will never want, because there may always be a day that you say:“why not?” and by then you will completely have forgotton that there is an important script in the startup of your current DE);
  2. It will not work when an other user then the user that has this startup script will log in (again you may at the moment say, but I am all on my own, one day there may be another one in the house that llkes to use your system, or you may be apointed to some function in a club and I would encourage a second user for that clubs function to keep personal and clubs things apart);
  3. It is a good principle (and we geeks like those) as that this is a system’s thing (the fan speed I mean), and not a user’s thing, this must be solved by the system manager/administrator, and this solution (in root’s crontab) is very much a system thing, no user involved.

For more information about cron and the crontab use the man pages (and/or more popular descriptions on the Internet):

man cron
man crontab

In this case we use root’s crontab, but every user can have one.

And did you know that Konqueror has a nice feature for reading man pages. You type
*#cron *or #crontab in the address line and see what happens.

More questions? Come back to us in this or another thread. We are always happy to turns noobs into geeks rotfl!