Ruby is blocking system management.

I used** ruby** to try a script in the CLI. Now its blocking system management and is asking for a numerical argument to exit.

Do you mean the »irb« command? Or just »ruby«, the interpreter? You can exit both by pressing ctrl+d (and you can exit the bash shell itself that way as well).

By »system management«, do you mean Bash’s job management (as in ctrl+z to stop a job and send it into the background, »bg« to have it run concurrently with the shell, »fg« to make it the foreground job again and »jobs« to list all current jobs the shell is controlling)? Or did you mean another sort of system management, like YaST? Where does the numerical argument come into play?

Thank you. It was blocking Yast, but all I had to do is restart the comp which I needed to do in the first place…