Ruby development in openSuse 13.1


I finally updated my openSuse from 12.3 to 13.1. I am doing Ruby development and disabled the Ruby repository before updating. I let all the ruby packages get downgraded for the new Yast.

Is there a proper way to put back the Ruby repo and not break Yast? (I would like to have Rails 4.1 that is in the ruby repo, and not Rails 3.2 in the 13.1 OSS repo).

Or should I not use openSuse packages for rails, stay out of the ruby repo, and install everything with gem install?

If there’s any ressource explaining how to do Ruby development on openSuse the “right” way, I’m all ears.


I don’t know of anything comprehensive, but based on my limited personal experiences…

  • If you simply disabled your old ruby repository, just modify the URI to reflect the new distro version and re-enable, then refresh… It’ll work immediately.
  • It’s important to first search for packages from your openSUSE repositories before downloading and installing any packages from the general ruby repository (using gem). There is at least one app I know of (bundle install) which only works from the openSUSE repos.


Thank you, it didn’t break Yast and I’m all happy with my fresher Rails.

New question!

rubygem-rails has been auto-updated by YaST. I am in the middle of a rails project that complains about missing the old rails version, is there a prefered way to fix the issue? I’m thinking about modifying my Gemfile each time rubygem-rails gets updated as I’m working alone on this project, and using bundle install to keep the old rails gem if I’m working with other people, would that be correct?

Thank you.

I strongly suspect that the problem is the development tool/IDE you’re using, your project file needs to be updated to reflect the updated versions you are using.