rtl8812au not available for kernel 5.8

I haven’t updated my system in a while now, because the latest wireless driver is only built for kernel 5.7 and not for 5.8. I tried commenting on the package since it seems to have been solved upstream a while ago: https://build.opensuse.org/package/show/openSUSE%3AFactory/rtl8812au

But it’s still not getting updated and rebuilt. Are there any developers here who can update the driver from upstream so it builds again?

There is a bugreport:

Meanwhile you can use my Repo temporarily:
Its named rtl8812AU_8821AU-kmp-default

Thanks for the links!

I commented on the issue, so hoping someone will notice. If not then I’ll give your repo a go.

You can download a patched driver from github and install it with dkms. Dkms will auto install when a newer kernel is installed. Up to now the latest drivers there are also working with kernel-5.9-rc.