RTL8192eu - kernel-4.11.rc fix

I’m just trying out Kernel-4.11 from kernel/HEAD on my tumbleweed partition and found I couldn’t compile the driver for my rtl8192eu wifi dongle. I started looking for patches on github because I haven’t a clue about makefile errors. There doesn’t appear to be any specifically for the rtl8192eu chipset yet but I kept searching.

I’ve used Larry Finger’s fixes in the past and I came across a 4 line patch that he’s done for rtl8188eu so I tried it and it works on the 8192eu.
I just thought I’d let anyone else know in case it’s needed. I haven’t kept the link but it’s easy to find and I just added the 4 lines manually.

And of course, thanks again to Larry Finger, if he sees this.