rtl8192ce no longer sees any WiFi network after installing soundKonverter

I am running a custom build of openSuSe Leap 42.1 created with SuSe studio from a usb drive on a Toshiba Satellite laptop (long story). I had wireless connectivity right away with no problems right away, then I installed soundKonverter because I needed to convert some old .wav files to .ogg and didn’t want to install a Gnome program on my KDE system. Now, when I boot into the system, I am no longer asked for my Kwallet password, and where the WiFi icon was is a red ethernet icon. When I click on it, I can turn wireless on/off and turn on airplane mode, but no matter how many times I try it will not show a single wireless network.

I have a feeling that soundKonverter broke my WiFi. There was a message when I installed it that warned me about the possibility of it breaking my system.

Do I just need to reinstall my system, or is there a way to fix this? I have already tried running


but, that returned

file not found

or something to that effect.

To make your reports about what you do and what the system answered to that helpful to others (that might then in retirn help you), you should copy/paste completly. That is the prompt, the command, the output and the next prompt. Now you post between CODE tags NOT what you copied/pasted, but what you thought that might have been there. Not very trustworthy. And we can not decide if that error message was from the shell, or from the program or even something completely different. :frowning: