RtCW Sound problem

Hi everyone,

under openSuSE 12.1, is there any command comparable to

su -c "echo -e 'wolf.x86 0 0 direct
wolfsp.x86 0 0 direct' > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss"

No audio output - Giving RtCW direct access
Before launching the game, type: su -c “echo -e ‘wolf.x86 0 0 direct
wolfsp.x86 0 0 direct’ > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss”; it is also possible to integrate this command into a start- or init-script

(source: http://wiki.linuxgaming.de/index.php/Return_To_Castle_Wolfenstein; apart from the sound, everything runs fine.)

Notebook: Lenovo G530 4446-25G — Dualboot: (1) Windows 7 32bit; (2) openSUSE 12.1 KDE 32bit

Are you using pulse audio ? If yes try to disable it and see if that helps. Here’s information on how to disable it :
SDB:Pulseaudio - openSUSE

Thanks for the quick reply, glistwan. I should be able to give it a try. But one question though: Will there be any sound constraints when disabling the newer pulseaudio soundsystem?

It depends on alsa version, hardware and hardware drivers. Some people hate pulse for that it brings nothing to the table for them others can’t play 2 simultaneous sound streams without it. You will see for yourself :slight_smile: anyhow it’s easy to re enable pulse so nothing to worry about. Here’s some brief comparison but it doesn’t tell the whole story :
Difference Between ALSA & PulseAudio | eHow.com

Here’s something more comprehensive :slight_smile:
How it works: Linux audio explained | TuxRadar Linux

I’m not an expert on the two but for me pulse works nice but is unable to produce any sound in advancemame as it is not pulse compatible so I disable it when I want to play any old arcades. After that I re enable pulse cause it works better for me with simultanious skype conversation and music playback. YMMV.

I’m sorry I have to report that the wolf-sound doesn’t work. The audio fallback to alsa worked fine (although the given tutorial seems a bit old: the directory /usr/lib64 doesn’t seem to exist any more, and in /usr/lib - where there’s a subdirectory “pulse” -, the command “md HIDDEN mv pulse HIDDEN” wouldn’t work, but could be arranged via GUI/dolphin by setting the directory to “.pulse”). Is there any obstacle I could have overseen?

The directory depends on which version of openSUSE you’re using. /usr/lib64 exists on 64bit systems.