rt61 firmware download required/connectivity issues (11.2)

I currently have a Wlan card using the rt61 chip,(hardware info=>wireless lan=>rt2561/rt61 802.11gPCI (wlan0)=>kernel driver: rt61pci)
the drivers seem to be installed but the firmware does not, using the command “dmesg | grep firmware” i seem to be missing the rt2561s.bin
the log from konsole was as follows
Mike@MikesMachine:~> dmesg | grep firmware
54.109010] rt61pci 0000:05:03.0: firmware: requesting rt2561s.bin
186.079989] tg3 0000:05:05.0: firmware: requesting tigon/tg3_tso5.bin

configuration is not an issue, konsole shows the card as using the right inet address for my router, with a different last digit (i.e router is xxx.xxx.x.x and card is xxx.xxx.x.y) which i believe is normal, ping doesn’t work and neither does normal internet.
To re-affirm, chip name in yast hardware spec:rt2561/rt61 802.11gPCI (wlan0)
within that, kernel driver: rt61pci
Does anyone know what i can do, where i can download the firmware?
p.s. any extra info required i’ll do my best to give if asked

Get it going?

Sure that this is a driver problem?
What’s the output of iwconfig/ifconfig?
Can you access your router?