rt2870 used to work in RC2 but doesn't in 11.2 final.

I was able to get wireless working in 11.2 RC2, all I had to do is to blacklist rt2800 and everything worked fine. I tried 32-bit and 64-bit 11.2 final version and knetwork manager wouldn’t even start. When I would double click on it it would give me the message that it is disabled. I tried setting up my wireless by activating wireless in network settings in yast, but I still couldn’t connect to internet. I was picking up wireless signals including the one from my router but couldn’t connect cuz knetworkmanager wouldnt do anything. I just cannot believe that it was working in RC2 and it doesn’t in final version :frowning: Opensuse is my favorite distro but I am disappointed that wireless works with no problems in mandriva 2010 and in ubuntu karmic. Now I’m thinking about going back to one of those :frowning: