rt2870 and the newer opensuse11.0 kernel (default)

As I finally got my rt2870 usb wireless adapter to work
(I had to manually download make and dependencies from another computer - the rpm’s don’t work at all (um… could someone explain to me why they depend on three different versions of vmlinux default kernels at the same time??))
I decided that I could try to zypper dup to 11.0 from 10.3. After successfully upgrading, I rebooted my computer to find out that (supposedly) .ko modules aren’t compatible with the newer opensuse11.0 kernel. Sadly, the only available drivers on the net are the rpms from 1 german site and the files from the manufacturer (that is, ralink). Now, I’d like to know if there is either any way to get that driver to work or of there is a workaroud: I don’t have any other mean of internet access, which is a pretty big thing when all I do revolves around the net.

Any input appreciated;
Thanks in advance