rsyslogs MARK notification in /var/log/messages

Dear all,

I have those packages instalalled :


And I have /var/log/messages working well. I was having unexplained socket connections broken problem and I wanted to check messages file :

2015-02-19T07:35:40.242914-05:00 localhost dbus[833]: [system] Activating service name=‘org.kde.powerdevil.backlighthelper’ (using servicehelper)
2015-02-19T07:35:40.268520-05:00 localhost dbus[833]: [system] Successfully activated service ‘org.kde.powerdevil.backlighthelper’
2015-02-19T07:42:28.659757-05:00 localhost rsyslogd: – MARK –
2015-02-19T16:04:13.721315-05:00 localhost dbus[833]: [system] Activating via systemd: service name=‘org.freedesktop.PackageKit’ unit=‘packagekit.service’
2015-02-19T16:04:14.796016-05:00 localhost PackageKit: daemon start

I read on internet that MARK is a periodic notification that there is nothing to report. If so why I got only one MARK and there is no messages from 7:72 am till 16:06 PM.
Is it normal ? What can I do check what happened during this time ?

I get:

% grep MARK /var/log/messages2015-02-19T00:21:58.005042-06:00 nwr2 rsyslogd: -- MARK --
2015-02-19T23:21:59.717921-06:00 nwr2 rsyslogd: message repeated 23 times: -- MARK --]
2015-02-20T00:21:59.796862-06:00 nwr2 rsyslogd: -- MARK --

So something is just counting them, and logging the count at the end of the day

However, I do have other log messages interspersed between those.

Indeed I have the same :

2015-02-19T21:42:29.783578-05:00 localhost rsyslogd: message repeated 14 times: – MARK --]

But I don’t have any other message from 7:42 to 16:04 which worries me.

Rebooting will probably fix that.

I am seeing periodic cron messages and sshd messages (breakin attempts). Possibly something broke the log device/pipe/whatever . Restarting some processes can sometimes do this. Rebooting is the easiest fix.

(added note: did you check whether “rsyslogd” is actually running?)

when the problem happened I didn’t check if rsyslogd was running or not. But obviously it started to resend messages after 4 pm. After reboot , yes it is running now but as I said I needed to diagnose random socket broken problem and even rsyslogd is failing at the same time, my 13.2 opensuse machine is pretty messed up.