Rsync hangs using NCP mount

I just upgraded to OpenSuSE 13.1 from 12.2. I did it by going 12.2->12.3 and then 12.3->13.1, using the online method. I have been using an NCP mount for over a year to mount three Netware data volumes (traditional not NSS) and rsync them (locally - within the same room) to this backup server. Once I did this upgrade I found that the NCP package wasn’t installed and so I did a search and found a “network” package from opensuse and was able to do a “1-click install”, I had never seen that before. But it did restore my ability to do an NCP mount on those volumes. The first two volumes I backed up would get to a certain point and hang. I would try to go to the mount point on the Linux server (/mnt/msti/) but when I did - found I could get into the /mnt/ directory but not the msti. When I tried to get into that directory the terminal would just hang. I let it sit there for more than an hour on a 1.6 mb file. I verified that no one was accessing the particular files I was having a problem with. I killed the rsync job and rebooted the server. I’ve tried it again today and I am getting the same thing. The file is a long file name tightvnc-2.5.2-setup-32bit.msi. Again this worked prior to the upgrade. I have been searching but not finding anything that really speaks to my problem. I am sure I am not searching using the correct criteria. Anybody have any ideas? Thank you.

I believe the pattern seems to be a third party .EXE file. I tested it and had it hang on the same file three times. I was able to delete the whole directory that contained it because it was an older application that was no longer needed. After doing that Rsync picked back up and continued until it hit QuicktimeInstaller.exe in another directory and I watched the System resource monitor CPU usage and network usage drop until there was nothing really happening. I left it that way for more than 30 minutes. And I can run the same Rsync script on a OpenSuSE 12.2 server and it works. Hope that helps somehow give a direction of what to look at.