Rsync fails to open files

I do a backup of music files on my laptop to the Opensuse machine. All the folders are copied except for one folder.

rsync: [sender] send_files failed to open "/home/dagr/Arkiv/win_mntpoint/HDtracks/The Bad Plus/Activate Infinity [96kHz · 24bit]/06 - Dovetail Nicely.flac": Permission denied (13)

I can manually copy the folder from the PC to the to the Linux box, but there are several sub folders which should be backed up as well, so this is not a nice solution. I wondered if somebody could give me a hint to solve this.

Dag R

When I read something like that, I most probably check the permissions of the file (directory).

ls -l '/home/dagr/Arkiv/win_mntpoint/HDtracks/The Bad Plus/Activate Infinity'

And of course the infamous “I” (as in “I do …”), isn’t helping with permissions. Permissions is about owners. And the computer does probably not know the user I. Thus better explain which user does do things.

drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 0 okt.  27  2021 The Bad Plus

drwxr-xr-x 2 root root 0 okt.  27  2021 Activate Infinity [96kHz · 24bit]

I got the right message. I had used the wrong user to mount the share. It worked with the other folders, but didn’t with this (HDtracks). I mounted with right user and the “The Bad Plus” got backed up.

Thanks for assistance!

Dag R