Rstudio update.... Who should I contact...?

Hello all,

I have a trivial question… (I’m not sure this the good forum… sorry)
Who should I contact for a Rstudio update?

I use Rstudio on a up to date version of Tumbleweed and for a while the Rstudio is no longer updated and now there is this annoying error:

“R graphics engine version 15 is not supported by this version of RStudio. The Plots tab will be disabled until a newer version of RStudio is installed.”

Thank you very much for the help.



When you have it installed from the standard OSS repo, you can file a bug report. (same username/password as here).

Thank for your reply.
I have declared this issue on bugzilla, but unfortunately seems that nobody maintain this program…
I’m surprised because it a very used and appreciated program in the scientist community…
I will wait a while, after I will write to the Rstudio organization… But they always said that the better way to install and update is to use the distro channel…

It was updated to the latest stable release (1.4.1743) 2 days ago… once built/forwarded I would expect to see in Tumbleweed soon.