RSSNow - Where store feeds?

After digging around in vain in my local .kde4 I am unable to find where the RSSNow plasmoid stores the feeds. It apparently wants to keep them secret forever.

Anyone happen to know? Google is equally not very helpful.

(Man - Plasmoids are okay, but the utter lack of documentation for them makes them far less useful than then could be.)

Lews Therin

Instead of Googling (which can be helpfull) you could go straight to Index page • KDE Community Forums.

Thank you for the link. I actually did find numerous article there while Googling, but when I went back and look there in more detail I found what I was looking for in this post: Any way to store rssnow config? • KDE Community Forums

I was soooo close, I was just looking in .kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc and missed that (since it was a desktop applet) it is in plasma-desktop-appletsrc

There really should be a plasmoid to help you access and manage these plasmoid settings :wink:

Lews Therin

You are welcome. I realy didn’t know if there was an existing thread in the KDE forums, but in any case it looks as the right forums to me to ask KDE questions (I did a few times myself).